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  • Name: Belt-type Up-down Saw with Vertical Shaft
  • Product ID: b005
  • 上架时间: 2014-10-27
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Product description:
1, the product is used for strengthening, solid wood composite, solid wood flooring, solid wood, panel furniture and doors and windows of double end trimming and planing, grooving.
2, this structure provides a cutting function, saw 360 degree tilt adjustment for inclined sawing.
3, the upper and lower double saw and vertical combination, exempt from sawing burr puzzles, sawing and planing a complete.
4, the standard type is manual clamping, manual feeding. (can be customized automatic clamping, automatic feeding)
Bearing steel

5, round bar slide, the high frequency heat treatment, grinding chrome plating, with linear bearings, smooth stroke, high precision.
6, automatic clamping, automatic feeding, double end sawing a completed, plate sawing, very convenient, saw blade is specially equipped with.