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  • Name: 350mm Horizontal Band Saw
  • Product ID: b007
  • 上架时间: 2014-10-27
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Product introduction 1, saw wheel lifting through ball screw transmission precision, and through the rotary encoder and PLC will lift the amount to 1/100mm accuracy of sawing wheel positioning can avoid bullets phenomenon.

2, the tightness of the saw blade by pneumatic, hydraulic control device, in the work process, once the pressure is dropping, pneumatic parts can be automatically provided to ensure the pressure compensation, saw blade are in a constant state of tightness at any time.

3, the feeding system adopts Japan with reading application button type flow regulating valve for high speed, the speed is more intuitive, feeding more smoothly.

Product technical parameters: maximum

machining size: 300*250mm

saw blade to the wheel of a tape distance: 2-250mm

conveyor belt width: 285mm

diameter: Phi 700mm

feeding speed: 0*25m/min

size: 4572*27*1.6mm

saw wheel is machine power: 15kw

hydraulic motor power: 2.2kW

hydraulic system pressure: 7.5Mpa

dust outlet diameter of working pressure: 100*2

pcs: 0.3-0.5mpa

size: 2820*2160*2280mm net

weight: 1800kg