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  • Name: Dual-spindle Automatic Profiling Engraving Machine
  • Product ID: c006
  • 上架时间: 2014-10-27
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1, use PLC program control, can choose automatic or manual operation.
Rotary speed, table 2 weekly can pass under the working table induction switch on the workpiece or direct a piecewise control.
The swinging arm 3, a cutter shaft by gas-liquid cylinder feeding, feeding speed is steady, constant pressure, avoid common cylinder feed produced when the impact and rebound
And other defects.
Peripheral contour machining 4, mainly on the circular, oval, rectangular shape of the workpiece, such as the seat surface and seating surface and the tea table surface etc..


May mill cutting diameter range: Phi 90-1200mm
Maximum milling rectangle: 2:1
Maximum machining thickness: 130mm
Table of diameter: 700mm
Spindle diameter: Phi 30mm
Wheel diameter: Phi 100mm
Spindle speed: 9000r/min
Work table speed: 1.5-6r/min
Spindle power: 5.5kw*2
Working pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Size: 1630*1400*2400mm
Weight: 1030kg