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  • Name: MF158 Automatic Saw Blade Front-rear Edge Sharpener
  • Product ID: f005
  • 上架时间: 2014-10-27
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Grinding diameter phi 80- phi 810mm: (can be set for the maximum outer diameter of phi 2000mm grinding production:)
Grinding diameter: Phi 10- Phi 220mm
Grinding ring teeth number: 1-999
Tooth pitch: 7-100mm
Saw blade thickness: 8mm
The main front angle cutter grinding: negative 20 to positive 40 degrees
Tooth surface angle of 15 degrees to 15 degrees: negative
After the angle grinding Knives: 6-45 degree
Tooth top and swing angle: negative 45 degrees to 45 degrees
Knife grinding stroke: 0-25mm (continuously variable transmission)
Working speed: 20 teeth / wheel diameter: diameter 125mm
Grinding wheel diameter: diameter 32mm
Wheel speed: 6000/
Cooling device: 50kl/
Total power: 1.69KW
Net weight: 960kg
Net weight: 960kg
Gross weight: 1100kg
Machine size: 165*135*183cm