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  • Name: Manual Single-spindle Dovetail Tenoning Machine
  • Product ID: i001
  • 上架时间: 2014-10-27
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Product description:
Processing through dovetail / semi implicit dovetail / through straight tenon / through triangular tenon for. The milling cutter is mounted on a vertical spindle and workpiece clamping sheet perpendicular to each other on the workbench. The main shaft drives the profiling needles along the profiling "U", "V" shape path movement, machined mortise.

This enters Alibaba MXF3112X3 manual single shaft dovetail tenoner

The machining width of 25 ~ 300mm
Processing the thickness of 9 ~ 22mm
Tenon spacing 25mm, can be used for other tenon spacing profiling
The spindle speed of 22000 rpm
The installation of power 1.65KW